Table Lamps
Custom Designs Available

Interested in an original or reproduction of an original not shown here?
Give us a call or an email! We love creating new designs and recreating the unavailable 
original designs of the past. Pricing always depends on size and difficulty.

  1. Van Erp Gourd Lamp
    Van Erp Gourd Lamp
    Another large hand forged Van Erp reproduction with a huge 22" vented shade, 4 sockets, standing 20" tall - $3500
  2. Flat Top table lamp
    Flat Top table lamp
    Originally an August Tiesselinck design reimagined by Craftsman Copper - 18" flat top shade, 4 sockets, stands 19" tall, custom window designs available as shown, but comes with plain square windows for $3650
  3. Large Acorn Lamp
    Large Acorn Lamp
    A mid sized lamp featuring a 17" shade, a single socket, and standing 18" tall - $1850
  4. Boudoir Lamp
    Boudoir Lamp
    The perfect accent or bedside lamp features a 16" shade, a single socket, and stands 15.5" tall - $1350
  5. Van Erp Trumpet base lamp
    Van Erp Trumpet base lamp
    14" low rise shade, single socket, 16" tall - $1300
  6. Rivet Base table lamp
    Rivet Base table lamp
    The classic Van Erp design lives on in our version with an 18" shade, 4 sockets, and impressive three piece riveted base, stands 20" tall - $2900
  7. Van Erp Milk Can lamp
    Van Erp Milk Can lamp
    We are the only shop currently hand forging this classic Van Erp design featuring a massive 22" shade, 4 sockets, and standing 21" high - $4200
  8. Van Erp Bullet Lamp
    Van Erp Bullet Lamp
    A beautiful and tall lamp influenced by an iconic Van Erp design, perfect for living and reading spaces with an 18" shade with a stepped cap, 4 sockets, standing 19" tall - $2700
  9. Bean Pot Lamp
    Bean Pot Lamp
    Perfect desk or bedside lamp, 14.5" shade with fine details in cap, single socket - $2300